Caprylic Acid MCT – A New Treatment for Alcohol Addiction?

Coconut Oil for Alcohol Addiction ..

I am constantly searching the web for new research on possible benefits of the pure Caprylic Acid MCT in MiCkey T™ Eight™ and came across this interesting and exciting article..

Coconut Oil: A New Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

Comparison of a Normal and Alcoholic Brain

Alcohol Addiction may be helped by the Caprylic Acid MCT in MiCkey T™ Eight™

How Alcohol kills the brain then tricks you into wanting more ..

It appears that over time alcohol deprives the brain of glucose and literally starves it to death. Ironically, at the end of the process by which the body metabolizes alcohol, it produces acetic acid, which is the shortest chain fat found in nature. Craving food, the brain will turn to this short chain fat as sustenance and over time come to prefer it, thus perpetuating the desire for the alcohol from which it came.

Is Pure Caprylic Acid MCT Better than Coconut Oil?

The crux of the article is that the Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) in coconut oil metabolizes in a way that feeds the brain by creating blood ketones, eliminating the need for the acetic acid and thus alleviating the craving for alcohol.  Dr. Hershline, the subject of the article,  consumed up to 8 tablespoons of coconut oil daily in his own treatment.  That’s almost 1000 calories of fat, of which only about 15% actually metabolize into ketone bodies.

Coconut Oil contains only about 7% Caprylic Acid, the most ketogenic fat

Since Caprylic Acid amounts to about 7% of Coconut oil and is the most ketogenic fat contained in Coconut Oil, it goes to reason that pure Caprylic Acid MCT would be more therapeutic than plain coconut oil, plus it is about 30% less calories. In fact, it takes over 14 tablespoons of coconut oil to yield the equivalent Caprylic Acid MCT in 1 tablespoon of MiCkey T™ Eight™.at only 93 calories.

Alcohol Addiction is a serious illness that is sometimes tough to discuss let alone treat. If you or someone you know is afflicted, please read the article and consider how MiCkey T™ Eight™ might be able to help. I am very interested in hearing from you on this subject..



6 thoughts on “Caprylic Acid MCT – A New Treatment for Alcohol Addiction?

  1. I am Dr. Hershline. I now use 50/50 coconut oil/mct oil because of the increase in Caprylic acid and decrease in calories and I add to this a mixture of neurotransmitter precursors. Just published new book: The New Face of Alcoholism Treatment Brain Energy Management. See Amazon.

    • Does this book explain the neurotransmitter precursors and amounts used, as well as a protocol for alcohol addiction? Would a sugar addiction be helped by this protocol?

  2. I have been taking 2 tbsp of MCT oil daily for approximately 2-3 weeks for weight loss. I have in the past been a heavy drinker, but stopped due to having children. I have not had any alcohol for 30 years. In the past year I have been having thoughts/cravings for alcohol. After reading the post on alcoholism I reflected on the past couple of weeks and to my surprise realized my thoughts/cravings for alcohol had diminished. Amazing!! Using the MCT oil for weight loss has also worked!!

  3. I have been sober from heroin for 18 years but still drank occasionally. Since starting to supplement with mct oil I have not had a drink and have not had the urge!! This works!! I’m also a therapist in the substance abuse field and I will definitely be sharing this new knowledge I have!! Very, very exciting!

  4. Wow. I haven’t had a craving for alcohol since I started taking MCT oil. Thought maybe it was a coincidence. Then found this online! Wow. Yes, this is a borderline miracle supplement.

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