MiCkey T™ Eight™ Caprylic Acid MCT Oil

Why MiCkey T™ Eight™ Pure Caprylic MCT is the “Perfect Fat” ..

MiCkey T™ Eight™ Caprylic Acid MCT Oil

MiCkey T™ Eight™ Caprylic Acid MCT

MiCkey T™ Eight™ Caprylic Acid MCT Label

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What is MCT anyway ?

MiCkey T™ Eight™ MCT Oil is made of 8 Carbon Caprylic Acid Molecules

The 8 Carbon Caprylic Acid Molecule in MiCkey T™ Eight™ MCT Oil – Black are Carbon atoms – White are Hydrogen atom – Red are Oxygen atoms

A fatty acid molecule looks a lot like a balloon animal and is categorized by the length of its carbon chain. Most naturally occurring fatty acids have a chain with an even number of carbon atoms, from 4 to 28. Fatty acids are important sources of energy, because when metabolized, they yield large quantities of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate), the molecule that stores the power we need for just about everything we do, considered by biologists to be the “energy currency of life”. Many cell types can use either glucose (sugar) or fatty acids for this purpose, but heart and skeletal muscle in particular prefer fatty acids. Short Chain fats are those with less than 6 carbons. Medium Chain fats have 6 to 12  carbons (C-6 to C-12), and Long Chains are greater than 12 carbons, with the most common being 16 to 18 carbons.

Caprylic Acid MCT is a glycerol molecule joined with three Caprylic Acid Molecules

Caprlic Acid Triglyceride – The essence of MiCkey T™ Eight™ MCT Oil

When 3 fatty acid molecules (as acid) are joined with one glycerol  molecule they form a Triglyceride, which is an oil. So, a Medium Chain Triglyceride, or MCT, is an oil made of fats with 6 to 12 carbon chains bound together with glycerine. Simple, huh?

OK .. So why are MCT’s important to me ?

In general, due to their smaller molecular size, MCT’s are digested much more rapidly than  long chain triglycerides. They are hydrolyzed quickly and, upon absorption, travel directly to the liver via the portal vein, bypassing the lymphatic system. This metabolic pathway permits MCT’s to serve as a ready source of energy and prevents them from accumulating as fat in body tissues.

MiCkey T™ Eight™ MCT Oil metabolizes differently than ordinary fat ...

MiCkey T™ Eight™ MCT Oil metabolizes differently than ordinary fat …

MiCkey T™ Eight™ is sold as a supplement for substitution, but not elimination, of other fats and oils. The FDA frowns on supplement makers making claims, especially if it seems to imply a cure for disease and I have tried to stick to generally recognized science here. But the Net is replete with research on Coconut Oil and MCT’s in general and Caprylic Acid Triglyceride (C-8) in particular that is not only promising, but downright exciting. I invite you to take a look at the following links and decide for yourself:

Alzheimer’s Disease
Increased Energy and Cognitive Function
Fat Burning and Weight Loss
Gut Health and Candida Overgrowth
Ketosis without Carbohydrate Restriction
Intermittent Fasting
  • Intermittent Fasting Benefits Weight Loss
  • OK .. this is a big subject  .. Google it .. A couple of tablespoons of MiCkey T™ Eight™ in the morning (whether straight, in coffee or tea, or use your imagination) can help make you feel full and give you energy without an insulin spike that interferes with Intermittent Fasting to make it through to a healthier meal without the need to snack. Might stop fast food from killing you …

These are just a few resources out on the Web… There are literally thousands of references to MCT and Caprylic Acid MCT. Hint: Another useful resource believe it or not is to read reviews of various products (on Amazon for example). People who spent money are generally going to be harsh critics if a claim or a product is bogus.

So what’s the deal with Coconut Oil ?

The Coconut is an abundant source of MCT’s.  Here’s the breakdown of fats in Coconut Oil…

Coconut Oil contains about 60% MCT  and only 7% Caprylic Acid MCT

Coconut Oil contains about 60% MCT but only 7% is the pure Caprylic Acid found in MiCkey T™ Eight™ MCT Oil

As you can see, about 40% are Long Chain Fats which are harder for the body to digest and are more likely to be stored as fat. About 50% is C-12 (Lauric Acid), which has many health benefits and uses (mainly soaps and cosmetics), but as an energy source, the shorter chain fats are best. Only about 13% are C-10 or less, the MOST energy rich components.

Shorter chain fats are rapidly metabolized by the liver and turned into “ketone bodies” to be used as energy in place of glucose without spiking insulin. Studies have shown that C-8 (Caprylic Acid) is greater than 30% more “ketogenic” than C-10 (CapricAcid), while C-12 (Lauric Acid) has a negligible ketogenic effect.

I know a lot of health experts will say that a food in its natural state is usually the best way to consume it, and in general I hardily agree. I will be the first to point out that I use coconut oil almost exclusively for cooking (sometimes grass fed butter), but sometimes what we really want is just the most effective component. Like taking a 500mg vitamin C capsule rather than consuming 10 cups of orange juice and over 1000 calories of fruit sugar. Considering that pure C-8 not only metabolizes more rapidly, produces faster and more sustained energy, and has about 37 less net calories per tablespoon than coconut oil (or olive oil for that matter),  the bottom line is in order to get the pure C-8 in  one tablespoon of MiCkey T™ Eight™ at about 93 calories, you’d have to eat a whopping 14.25 tablespoons of coconut oil at 1875 calories.

So what’s the difference between MiCkey T™ Eight™ and other MCT’s out there?

Glad you asked. MiCkey T™ Eight™ is 100% pure C-8 Caprylic Acid MCT Oil. Period.

Virtually all other products sold as “MCT” are a blend of about 60% C-8 and 40% C-10, if you’re lucky. Some add other stuff you definitely don’t need (like sugar and artificial flavorings and color).

Virtually all products sold as “Caprylic Acid” are pills containing 600mg or less Caprylic Acid. One product in particular offers 400mg  of Caprylic Acid at 16 cents a pill. That means in order to get the 13.6 grams of pure Caprylic Acid in a tablespoon of MiCkey T™ Eight™ at a cost of about 66 cents, you would have to eat 34 pills at a cost of $5.44. And virtually all pills contain other stuff besides Caprylic Acid that you may or may not want. Google “Caprylic Acid” or check on Amazon. You’ll be amazed at what is being passed off as “Caprylic Acid”. Even the prescription product sold as a “Medical Food” with C-8 as the tested active ingredient (22 grams or about 1 1/2 tablespoons is a therapeutic “dose” in thier study) shockingly has a bunch of stuff nobody really needs like Sucralose. MiCkey T™ Eight™ is pure Caprylic Acid MCT .. Nothing else … a very light oil that is tasteless, odorless, colorless .. no need to add anything really, but it makes a great oil for salad dressing and of course Bulletproof® Coffee. 

Last but certainly not least,  MiCkey T™ Eight™ is the ONLY pure C-8 made in America and bottled in California with 100% Kosher and Halal certified ingredients, and non-GMO sources.  We believe it is simply the best MCT available anywhere.

So.. how do I take MiCkey T™ Eight™ MCT Oil?

As mentioned in various places above, MiCkey T™ Eight™ is a very light oil. It is odorless, colorless, and if it has a taste at all it is ever so slightly “nutty”. You can tell it metabolizes quickly because it takes your breath away almost like alcohol if you take a spoonful straight. At home, we mix it about 50-50 with good olive oil, lemon juice and balsamic vinegar for a very tasty salad dressing. Because of the way it metabolizes, it also acts as a “shoehorn” for other nutrients to be absorbed more quickly and efficiently so all those vitamins and minerals in your Spinach Salad actually get where they belong better when “dressed” with MiCkey T™ Eight™.

And credit where credit is due to Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof Executive® for inventing Bulletproof® Coffee .. Clean Organic Coffee (I recommend the one he sells), Grass fed Butter (preferably unsalted, local, raw, organic but Kerry Gold is nationally available)  and a shot of MiCkey T™ Eight™ to get my day started .. sets my brain on fire!

Here’s my recipe for Bulletproof® Coffee ..


Don’t laugh.. I really do this (twice) every morning but I swear it’s worth it …

First, equipment … consider your cup .. I am somewhat of a coffee cup snob .. I HATE dainty little coffee cups .. I scoured Ebay for the one shown above (I actually got 4) .. it is a heavy 14oz cup made (and unfortunately discontinued) by Oneida in the Maitre D’ pattern. It just feels great, holds a man size cup of coffee, and keeps the coffee warmer longer.

Next, I love my little Bodum 18oz French Press, Zero Water Pitcher,  Proctor Silex Electric Kettle, and my OLD Oster blender with glass container .. also use a little scale that does ounces and grams I got with a coupon from Bed Bath & Beyond, along with other assorted measuring cups and spoons .. that’s my coffee laboratory ..

OK, now coffee .. I will just say, if you buy anything in your life organic, make it coffee .. of any food you eat, coffee is one of the few that you will “wash” with boiling water and then throw away the food and drink the water .. if there is a more perfect delivery system for every bad thing on it or in it, I can’t think of it.. also keep in mind that caffeine is destroyed by heat so if you’re looking for a boost, go for the lighter roast .. I step up to the plate and buy real Bulletproof® Upgraded ® Coffee (organic, mold free, light roast) from Dave’s website.. say what you will, but it just makes me feel better .

So, using filtered water from my Zero Water Pitcher, I get a pot of water heating in the Proctor Silex Kettle (Zero Water will not corrode the element). Next, I fill the glass container of the French Press with water and microwave for a couple of minutes to heat it up.. I then measure out 19 grams of coffee beans (roughly a quarter cup) .. and 18 grams of  grass fed butter (heaping tablespoon, preferably unsalted, local, raw, organic but Kerry Gold is good and available nationally) ..  if weighing sounds fussy, I just like to know it will always turn out the same .. so sue me ..

When water boils, I grind coffee, dump water from French press into the cup, put ground coffee in French Press and pour in boiling water to just below the band (about 12oz) and stir with a wooden (non-metal) spoon.. I then put cup into microwave for 2 minutes to heat up .. I put the metal plunger screen from the French press in a small bowl of boiling water and pour some boiling water into the blender so it won’t cool down the brew ..

After 2 minutes, I put the heated plunger screen in the French Press and “press” it .. I then dump the water out of the blender and quickly measure 1 1/2 Tablespoons (less if you’re just starting out) of MiCkey T™ Eight™ and dump it, along with the butter, and the hot coffee into the blender and whip for about 15 seconds ..

The most delicious and filling “energy” drink in the world .. and TOTALLY worth it !

OK .. now you can laugh ..

Any side-effects taking Caprylic Acid MCT ?

In general, Caprylic Acid Triglyceride is listed by the FDA as GRAS (generally regarded as safe). Having said that, there are those that suffer gastro distress and loose stools when taking C-8. The best advice is START SLOW! Maybe a teaspoon at first and see what happens .. I personally use 3 tablespoons a day in 2 cups ( 1 1/2 each) of morning coffee with butter .. a small shot on a salad or just straight can get you through the afternoon .. ..




71 thoughts on “MiCkey T™ Eight™ Caprylic Acid MCT Oil

  1. Lyme Disease has seriously affected my short term memory among other things. I have taken a whole bottle of NOW MCT oil with little change. After two weeks of taking MiCkey T oil my energy levels are up and my brain is functioning much better! So thankful!!! I take two tablespoons every morning. I do recommend starting with a half teaspoon and working up to no more than three tablespoons per day. This oil can also be used in making your own salad dressing. I expect to feel much better as time goes on while taking Eight.

  2. Hi,
    I wanted to order your oil, but then I looked on the label and even though on the blog you say that it comes from coconut oil, on the label the first ingredient is C8 from glycerol from vegetable oils. Does this mean that only part of the C8 is from coconut oil and the rest is derived from other (PUFA?) vegetable oils? I’m confused. Thanks in advance for clarification.

    • Hey Jo-
      I can see the confusion .. here’s the deal .. Medium Chain Triglycerides are Fatty Acid Molecules bound in 3’s with a glycerol molecule..

      Glycerol (also know as Glycerin) is a simple sugar alcohol compound. It is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid that is widely used in pharmaceutical formulations. The glycerol backbone is central to all lipids known as triglycerides. Glycerol is sweet-tasting and generally considered non-toxic. IT IS NOT PUFA .. Glycerin can be either synthetic, or derived from plants (usually soybeans) or animals (usually tallow)

      To make Caprylic Acid Triglyceride, raw Caprylic Acid (C-8) from Coconuts and/or Palm Kernel Oil is combined with Glycerine (from vegetable sources) to go from an acid to an oil .. MiCkey T Eight is 100% Caprylic Acid Triglyceride .. in other words, it is Caprylic Acid as an Oil instead of Acid which is not pleasant at all ..

      There is NO PUFA in MiCkey T Eight .. Saturated Fat 100%

      Hope that helps ..

      Thanks for your interest..

      • I’m curious… the vegetable sources for the glycerol/glycerine (usually soybean)…is that non-GMO soybean? What other plant sources? Animal tallow? Grassfed animal? What type of source of glycerol/glycerine is used in MiCkey T?

        • Pam .. MiCkey T Eight is derived totally from non-gmo plant sources .. dont understand the rest of your question regarding grass fed or tallow .. glycerine can be synthesized, or derived from plant or anomal sources .. ours are 100% vegan

          • You answered my question Doug, thank you. I didn’t recall reading only non-GMO plant sourced anywhere before.

      • Hey John .. The easy answer is zero.. Our product is created by esterfication.. that means it starts with the basic building blocks and is recombined to make a pure substance.. it is pure caprylic fatty acid and glycerine combined to form Caprylic Acid Triglyceride .. The fatty acid itself comes from either coconut or palm kernel but asking how much of either is really irrelevant.. Sort of like saying I am going to extract the vitamin C from orange juice then asking how much orange juice is in the capsule.. Again, zero.. It is more relevant to compare the the amount of C8 in coconut or palm kernel as a proportion to other fats they contain.. But once it is broken down, caprylic acid is caprylic acid

        Hope that answers your question

        • John asked what is the percentage of palm kernal in the product? Which I also would like to know. The reply says zero. How is that possible when the front of the bottle says from coconut/palm kernal oil?

          • Adam-

            The answer is a little complicated so bear with me .. MiCkey T Eight contains pure C-8 Caprylic Acid Triglyceride (MCT) .. Coconut Oil and Palm Kernel Oil contain many different fats.. Only about 7% of coconut oil is pure Caprylic Acid and only about 3% of Palm Kernel oil .. So first these oils are fractionated to distill out the long chain fats, then water is used to break the glycerine bonds and create pure component fatty acids, then centrifuge to get individual fatty acids, then esterfication to make a single pure triglyceride, in this case C-8.. So, while the source of the fatty acid used to make MiCkey T Eight is coconut and palm kernel oil, there is no palm kernel oil in MiCkey T.. Its like if you took the water out of milk and then asked how much milk is in the water .. None, its water .. So my answer is there is no palm kernel oil, only pure caprylic acid mct..

    • Bryan .. no refrigeration needed .. C-8 is naturally anti-microbial and anti-fungal and because it is a saturated fat is not prone to spoilage ..

  3. Hello,

    I am trying to lose my final 15 LBs of weight/fat, after losing about 85 LBs of fat over six months, following a restricted calorie controlled diet. I just am trying MCT Oil, specifically your Mickey T Oil product, as I want to get into a lower carb, higher protein and fat diet. Looking for a way to get off this weight ‘plateau’….

    My question is – can I get the benefits of Bulletproof Coffee by just using the MCT Oil and NOT the butter? I ask, as I have this mindset of being fearful of taking in too many calories and too much fat every day…

    Thank you for any advice you can provide me…


    • Hey Greg .. great question .. I lost 150lbs on a modified Paleo Diet without actually knowing it was a Paleo Diet .. I find it amusing that the hype is about “buttered coffee” and the MCT is just an aside .. the real object is part of the intermittent fasting protocol .. I drink 2 cups of BP coffee every morning and eat “real food” within an 8 hour window usually between 2pm and 10pm .. I weigh everything and log my food and exercise in “Lose It” app on my iphone .. I take 3 tablespoons of MiCkey T and about 38 grams of butter for a total of .. wait for it .. 523 calories, 68 grams of fat for “breakfast” .. the butter doesnt trigger insulin response and keeps you from eating carbs but it isnt essential if you feel its too much .. the C-8 on the other hand provides real energy and is the star of BP Coffee in my opinion.. my weight loss “secret” if there is one, is to figure out your ideal weight, then using a BMI and daily exercise calculator (the one on The Zone website is good because it utilizes more precise measurements) figure out exactly how many calories you need to be your ideal weight .. then, eat the best food you can .. clean water, no processed food, no sugar, no corn, no wheat .. organic when possible, don’t be afraid of fat (except trans-fat and excess PUFA) .. one of my favorite proteins is Pork Sirloin from COSTCO .. actually very lean and very tasty and cheap about $2.20/lb .. you can slice it up into steaks to BBQ, or cook as a roast in the oven or pressure cooker .. then I eat a TON of veggies, sweet potato, salad, avocado .. cook only with coconut oil, and use olive oil for salad dressing 50/50 with MiCkey T .. you will feel full and satisfied and the pounds will melt off .. I lost my first 100 pounds in 6 months .. by the way, my cholesterol numbers are on the high side of normal but my marker for inflammation (CRP) is nearly immeasurable .. I believe this is the best way to eat .. I’m 63 and feel awesome ..

      hope this helps
      have an awesome day
      Doug Long
      MiCkey T™

      • I feel I need to chime in here. Sorry Doug, you know I love you & MiCkey T. But I do feel the butter (made from grassfed cream and preferably unsalted) IS an important ingredient in the BPC recipe. Not only would you be missing some important nutrients from quality butter (fat soluable vtamins K2, A, E and butyrate), but the C8 oil would have nothing to emulsify with and the mouth feel would be totally off -yuck! When you blend the two together, it’s a creamy cup of goodness that carries you through the morning with energy and focus like no other. Like Doug says, don’t be afraid of the good saturated fats and don’t leave the butter out of the BPC either. His C8 gives you focus and energy and the quality butter contributes other vital nutrients.

        Join us on Facebook @ the BP Diet Support Group!

        • Uncle Harley says:
          December 15, 2015 at 10:35 am

          Excerpt: I’ve done the BP diet and coffee (MCT oil, only) for a year now. I lost 40 lb.’s this past spring, and I’ve kept it off. My blood data and vital signs have vastly improved; particularly my pulse rate (50); all without increasing exercise from my normally-active lifestyle (I walk or bike everywhere close by). Eliminating the G-F butter in the BP coffee (as well eliminating cholesterol from all other dairy sources, daily) brought my cholesterol way down, and it brought my triglycerides down to the medically-desired level (which previously had always been moderate to high).

          See my complete post at http://bjjcaveman.com/2014/04/05/upgraded-mct-oil-vs-upgraded-brain-octane-rough-draft/

    • HDPE (#2) is FDA approved for pharmaceuticals and food and is BPA free.. Glass is expensive, heavy to ship and One of the most expensive substances to recycle… In addition our business model was to fulfill on Amazon who makes it extremely difficult to sell liquid in glass bottles over 16 ounces.. Our bottles are manufactured in California using FDA approved plastic and dyes and the product itself does not lend itself to absorb foreign substances from the bottle .. We use the heaviest plastic bottle available and are proud of our decision all things being considered

  4. It looks like Mickey T Eight isn’t available on Amazon anymore? I previously had ordered from there and was just about to re-order and doesn’t look like it’s there anymore :(

    • I ordered this from Amazon before, and now their site says they don’t know IF or WHEN it will be available again! I’m almost out….HELP!!

    • Hi Luigi-

      I checked .. International shipping is $25.25 .. If you are interested please email me directly ..

      Dlong@ realfoodexpeditors.com

      Thanks so much I hope that helps

    • Bonnie .. MiCkey T™ Eight™ is 100% saturated fat .. Omega 6 and 3 are polyunsaturated fats therefore there is none ..

    • Hi Jen-

      MiCkey T™ Eight™ is produced through a multistage process .. in order to get pure C-8, the raw Coconut/Palm Kernel Oil is steam distilled (Steam is 212 degrees unless under pressure) then further broken down into its component acids, then a process called esterfication is used to combine the pure acid with glycerol to make a triglyceride which is an oil again .. this process requires heating to about 375 degrees and gives off water as a byproduct .. thanks for the question and I hope that answers it..

  5. Hi. Can you please comment on your oil having less calories than “typical” saturated fat? Generally, fat has 9 calories per gram. You say yours has 37% less. How is that? To be clear, I’m no calorie restrictor. I put about 1,000 calories of fats in my coffee every morning for nearly two years now. I’m actually bummed that your product has less calories per gram. Other “pure 8″ oils indicate the full 9 calories per gram. Perplexing.

    • Hi Lee,

      I asked the same question and happened to see an answer ttoday in an Amazon review, so I will paste it in for you. The question on Amazon wasn’t identical to yours, but will give you the answer you seek.

      From the Amazon review reply:

      “Pure virgin coconut oil contains 8 different fats and contains 117 calories per tablespoon (13.6 grams). Pure Caprylic Acid MCT metabolizes differently because of the shorter carbon chain and yields 6.8 calories per gram versus 9 calories per gram for ordinary long chain fats like olive oil. (Coconut Oil is slightly less because it
      contains about 50% MCT) Thus, a tablespoon of pure Caprylic Acid MCT will be about 93 calories per tablespoon (13.6 grams). NOW Product’s MCT oil is listed as 100 calories for 1 tablespoon (14 grams) so if the competitor you mention claims 129 calories, it is either mislabeled or not MCT Oil. I cannot speak for anyone else. You would have to ask them.”

      • Hi Lee,
        I’m not sure what “typical” saturated fats you are referring to in your question, but I corresponded with Doug Long (Mr MiCkey T himself) re: a discrepancy between his nutritional label and what I found on the Bulletproof brands when I was writing up a side-by-side comparison of his C8 with Brain Octane. I’ll paste his answer below, which I received the same day I asked, btw. I waited 3 months for an answer from the Bulletproof Team and never did get one, despite repeated reminders that I was still waiting.

        MiCkey T™ Eight™ – “A tablespoon is a half ounce so it is 14.78 ml (not 15) .. fat weighs less than water (thats why it floats) so a tablespoon weighs about 13.6 grams not 14.3 .. shorter chain fats have fewer net calories .. that is a scientific fact, so while C-18 olive oil (and evidently whatever Dave is selling as Brain Octane) has 9 calories per gram, pure C-8 has only 6.8 calories per gram .. therefore 6.8 x 13.6= 92.48 or about 93 calories per tablespoon .. so Dave claims 129 calories .. he also claims 14.3 grams per tablespoon .. 9 x 14.3 = 128.7 or 129 … if you look at NOW brand MCT, their label states 100 calories .. much closer to accurate.”

  6. Oh, my mistake: you are saying 37 calories, not 37 percent, which would be about 25% less calories. Your tablespoon is 13.6g versus the typical 14g. My original question still stands. I look forward to your response.

  7. Would you please let me know if any chemicals and/or solvents are used in the refining process? I saw that you use steam distillation and said it is “then further broken down into its component acids.” I wasn’t sure if you use any chemicals or solvents for that part or the esterfication. Please let me know which chemicals are used other than water. Thank you. I am excited to give it a try but wanted to ask first.

  8. I’ve been using MiCkey T Eight for a little over a month and recommending to friends. As of today, 7 are reporting their results back to me at least weekly. All 7 are replacing breakfast with a blend of coffee, grass-fed butter and MiCkey T Eight. So far, 100% have reported improved mental focus that has resulted in greater work productivity. All 7 also report not feeling hungry through the morning. Of those that do this every day (4 out of 7), 100% report weight loss averaging between 2-4 lbs per week. Just wanted to say thanks for a great product that is helping us get results!

  9. As of today, Monday, Jan 4th 2016, Amazon.com says that MiCkey T C8 is out of stock and they don’t know when, if ever, it will be available again.

    Please tell me that MiCkey T is not going out of business!

    • Kurt-

      We are a victim of the holidays and our own success.. Should be back in stock today .. If not email me at dlong@realfood expeditors.com and I will get you a bottle .. No one should be without their MiCkey T..

      Thanks for your concern,, LOL .. We are doing better than I ever imagined when we started this thing .. Just a little bump in the road ..

      Doug Long
      MiCkey T™

  10. I would love to start using this product regularly, but need to verify the source of the glycerin. I am sensitive/allergic to anything with soy. Can you please verify which vegetable(s) the glycerin comes from?

    Thanks in advance!

    • A reply just in case someone else with a soy allergy comes across this site: I have tested this product for two weeks now without any negative side effects. The product is excellent and I continue to experience the daily health benefits of more energy, less hunger, clearer thinking, and I’ve been sleeping better every night since as well! The fact that this company has stellar customer service makes the product that much better!

  11. Just got your product from Amazon— SAME DAY Prime delivery! Amazing!
    Forgive me if I missed the answer to this question somewhere: It’s awesome your product is GMO free but I wonder if you could tell me if the palm kernel oil portion of the blend is from sustainable sources?

    • Robb-
      Amazon can be awesome .. We really appreciate being on the largest sales platform in the world.. Our MCT is from 100% certified sustainable sources .. Both the coconut and Palm Kernel .. While the chemical content is identical we have purposely chosen sources that are environmentally responsible ..

      Thanks for your support

      • I would like to see the verification that this C8 is derived “100% certified sustainable sources . Both the coconut and Palm Kernel”. That claim is the politically correct statement to make, however, C8 derived from coconut oil that is from verifiably sustainable source is very expensive and in addition to that the Palm oil from a “certified sustainable source” is even more expensive. I would like to see such verification, please. I’m not doubting this particular product, but there is just way to much hype and bogus claims on so many supplements, oils included that if you can show how your sources are verified then you will have a ton of customers…… many of them being my patients.

  12. Doug – I love this page with q&a.

    Can you pinpoint to the literature showing that C8 is better than traditional blended MCT (c8/10/12)



  13. Question. how is it processed and are there are any chemicals used in processing it to get the high concentration of caprylic acid?

  14. I bought this product on Amazion for the C8. It came in a plastic bottle. Disappointing….even if it’s BPA free (which it doesn’t specify), BPA alternatives are just as bad and fat tends to leach chemicals out of plastics. Very disappointed. Do you make any of this stuff in glass bottles? I’m a health practitioner that helps hundreds of people adopt low carb and ketogenic diets and I would love to be able to recommend your product but not when it’s coming in a plastic container. I don’t even know if I want to open and take this stuff BC I’m certain that the oil must have leached some chemicals from the plastic.

  15. If I am already taking traditional MCT oil, can I substitute C8 for MCT all at once? We went slow in building up the dose of MCT, to avoid GI issues. So since the body is used to the MCT already, could we switch it all to C8 at once? Thanks.

  16. If you’ve been accustomed to MCT already, you shouldn’t have a problem. I didn’t. I started out with the BP XCT and I’ve been buying MiCkeyT for months now. No problem at all switching over to the same amount I’d been taking of the other brand.

  17. I want to put in a big recommendation for MiCkey T’s caprylic acid! Been using it for many months now, and the only issue I have is that it is sometimes out of stock on Amazon.

    I also wanted to put it a suggestion for those who like the idea of Bulletproof Coffee but can’t do dairy for whatever reason. I was advised to avoid dairy for a while by my acupuncturist. After much experimentation, I found that a good alternative is to substitute two to three tablespoons of coconut cream for the two tablespoons of butter. (I prefer Trader Joe’s brand of coconut cream.) It froths up really well in the blender and goes down easy. Coconut cream has fewer calories than butter, so for those who really want the fat calories, you might add perhaps up to a tablespoon of coconut oil in addition to the coconut cream.

  18. I’ve been using it for probably close to a year now and I love it too. Have you tried ghee to your BPC? That has pretty much all the of the dairy proteins removed and what’s left is just clarified butter oil. Very easy to make yourself too instead of paying the high prices for commercial ghee. If you want more froth, just add a Tbl of collagen powder….good for joints and skin.,

    • Yes, I have tried making Bulletproof Coffee using ghee instead of butter, but with poor results. The mixture does not blend well, does not froth, and was not much better than just pouring the ghee and MCT into my coffee without blending it at all. Not very palatable. Besides, it was still dairy intake that I should avoid for a while according to my acupuncturist (apparently it’s not just the proteins that matter in this case). I’ll take your word that collagen would help froth, as would egg white or other proteins, but I don’t have any collagen and I’m not so interested in those other things now that I have found something that works. Thanks for the suggestions.

  19. Hi, I have a question. How much of the product is soy derived? And, are they certified organic, gmo free?

    It would be good if your product was in a glass bottle.

    Thank you,

  20. Just checked on Amazon – website says they don’t know when/if it will be back in stock. I’ve been using it about 1 mo. and it has increased my energy as well as
    put me into nutritional ketosis which I have never been able to achieve, in spite of being on a low carb (vegetarian) diet. Will need to re-order soon – where?

  21. Hi Susan,

    There was a big run on C8 MCT oil recently due, at least in part, to a positive article from Dr. Joseph Mercola. I know a few of the brands sold out the same day. Mickey T always seems to rebound quickly whenever they sell out, which isn’t very often.

  22. I really need to purchase more MicKey T 8 but cannot find a source since Amazon has been out for weeks now. When do you anticipate having more in stock? I’m stuck buying from your competitor as Bulletproof always has their MCT in stock…. Thanks!

  23. Is there a trick to preventing the neck of the bottle from dripping the MCT oil?

    Is it because I can’t seem to completely remove the white seal when opening the bottle for the first time?

  24. Hello, just started using your brand. Started with it in tea and today I tried it with my bullet coffee. I made it in a Styrofoam cup and it melted the cup, seriously barely made it to the trash can before it disintegrated. I’ve also noticed it does something to the plastic spoon I use to stir it all together. Have you heard of this happening before? Anyhow, like your stuff, will use a real coffee cup and spoon moving forward.

    Thank you


  25. I purchased Mickey T 8 oil a while back (2years?) it has been in a cool dry place. There are no expiration dates on 2 bottles anywhere. Does it go bad?

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