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  1. I love your mct oil. I used to use Brain Octane.. Your facebook stated 1 more week and that was on Sept 28. I have since ordered a competitors brand of C8 mct oil. I wish you would communicate with your customers (nothing is on the website). My new mct oil arrives on Friday – but it saddens me that I will go without (I’ll be out of MiCkey T Eight in two days) because I was waiting for your product to be available. I guess this forces me to try other products out there. I hope Keto8 is comparable (or better) since that’s what I’ve ordered.

  2. Dear Sirs,

    I am interested in carrying your products for resale. Would you please send me a catalog and price sheet of your products including detail on minimum opening order and typical order delivery times?

    I Have included my business information below.

    Thank you.

    Owner: German Morillo
    Company name: A Through Z Deals LLC
    Tax id: 47-1777255
    Street address: 1401 peters creek pkwy
    City:  Winston Salem
    State: North Carolina
    Tel: (704) 719 – 2429
    Zip Code: 27103

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